Your guide to buying a circular saw


Circular saws are basically power tools that are common used by building contractors and carpenters. If truth be told, after the hand drill, a circular saw is the power tool that is most typically purchased by all do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Considering just how popular it is, there are countless manufacturers who produce these and sell them in an extensive price range. The price ranges that these are available in are reflective of the quality of the circular saw, which is the reason why it is necessary for you to do your complete homework regarding the varying offerings that are available in the market. Here’s how you need to go about purchasing a circular saw:
What’s available for purchase? Check it out!
There are three different types of circular saws available in the market these days. The basic differences amongst them are related to their functionality, and how they are powered etc. The three different types of circular saws available for functions like structural steel fabrication are:

  • Worm drive – This is the most expensive circular saw available out there, and basically makes use of reduction gears to drive it. The reduction gears are such that they place minimum strain over the motor, and are known for their durability. It is for this reason that these are most typically used only by expert carpenters.
  • Sidewinder or direct drive – These are the circular saws that we all use most commonly. It comes with a blade attached directly to the motor. The saw is easily affordable and required a 110 house current to power it.
  • Battery operated or cordless saws – These circular saws make use of an attached battery for power purposes and are more of a sidewinder or direct drive type. However, these typically come with a smaller diameter blade.

How has the saw been manufactured?
The more expensive circular saws are generally manufactured with a cast-metal plate that is attached to its bottom. This basically determines the angle as well as the depth of the cut that you would be able to achieve with it. The good thing about these is that they come with a reference mark that you need to follow whenever you make a cut. On the other hand, the cheaper circular saws come with plates that are made out of aluminium. The aluminium plates, as you should know, are easy to bend, and can easily get misaligned in the long run.
The saw motor and its amperage
If you want to work out the longevity and the cutting power of the saw, then you need to consider the amperage of its motor. The more expensive and high quality ones come in a 15 amp spec, whereas the cheaper ones are 12 amp. Believe it or not, but the finest 15 amp worm drive saws are actually useable for many decades, which goes to prove their longevity. For more information, visit