Information about hair relaxers


For those who don’t know chemical hair relaxers are meant to help people eliminate curls from their hair irrespective of how intense the curls are. The fact of the matter is that curls are something natural, but these days, there are a lot of people out there who simply don’t like them or have become tired of having curly hair. A number of women wish to do away with their curls for the simple reason that they wish to try a new hair style. For this reason, they opt to use hair relaxers in Dubai and this makes it possible for them to straighten out their hair so they can create the hair style they are interested in.

The different types of hair relaxers available

There are many different types of hair relaxers available these days. Metal or hydroxide includes potassium, lithium or even sodium ionic metals that form relaxers for the hair by mixing with oxygen and hydrogen. The different products available include lye and non-lye hair relaxers. The first type uses sodium hydroxide to straighten hair by breaking down the bonds in them. On the other hand the second type makes use of calcium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide for this purpose. Considering that these have lower alkalinity, these take much longer to straighten the hair. On the other hand there are thio relaxers that make use of ammonium thioglycolate. Although this particular type of hair relaxers requires the utilization of a neutralizer once the application is rinsed off, this offers a lot more viscosity and thickness as compared to all other types of hair relaxers. These are extremely easy to work with and are best to use if you are interested in giving your hair a thicker, more appealing appearance. Once the process is completed your hair will go back to its normal structure and there is not much for you to worry about in terms of damaging your hair.

When it comes to lye hair relaxers and their compounds, these tend to have higher pH levels. It is for this reason that lye relaxers help straighten the hair in a quicker manner. However, it is best for you to use non lye hair relaxers as these have lower pH levels, thereby making them safer to use. On the whole, if you want longer, straighter hair without using clip in hair extensions in Dubai, then make sure that you use hair relaxers.