Men’s Style Guide: 6 Suit Colors For Different Personalities


Psychology says our color preferences have something to do with our personalities. According to a fashion consultant in Dubai, this also applies to men’s favorite suit colors. Know if your preferred suit color matches your dominant personality below.


  1. White – The Neat Gentleman

Only a few men prefer white suits because they are highly prone to stain. Men who have the courage to wear a white suit are usually orderly and far from being clumsy. You would usually see white suits worn during balls, parties, and other semi-formal events. Since white signifies purity, several men also wear white suits on their wedding day.

  1. Black – The Traditional Man

Black suits are commonly worn by traditional men who are not as experimental as the others in terms of fashion, and colors.  This color is also conveniently available almost everywhere. Black suits are easy to find and they work well with other colors, especially light and pastel hues. However, black suits are only appropriate during formal events.

  1. Gray – The Versatile Guy

There are different shades of gray. For suits, the most common are charcoal gray, light gray, and cambridge or medium gray. Gray is the substitute of black in being the staple suit for men. This color fits all occasions. A versatile, modern guy definitely loves to wears gray suits. It’s perfect for office wear, semi-formal events, a casual dine out, client meetings, romantic dates, and more.

  1. Navy Blue – The Stylish Male

This color looks flattering on men, especially when matched with burgundy or brown shoes. Navy blue has a relaxed, manly, attractive, and stylish feel that fits fashionable males. It is another must-have versatile suit color, next to the gray variants.

  1. Dark Brown – The Secured Guy

This color is not recommended for formal events. It looks best as a casual attire, paired with jeans. Men who often wear dark brown suits are said to be very secured with themselves since they don’t really mind wearing a least favored suit color.

  1. Tan – The Morning Person

Tan suits look best during day time. They have this casual, dynamic, and relaxing vibe that are much needed on busy days. Remember not to wear silk ties when wearing tan a tan suit. Opt for a linen or knit tie if necessary.


Try to experiment on suit colors to discover the best picks for you skin and hair color. Look for a provider of ready-to-wear and bespoke suits in Dubai if you want to add new suits on your wardrobe.