5 Hacks On Designing An Eye-Catching Packaging Design


Have you ever been to a store and made an impulse buy before you like the packaging of an item? You probably are taken by an outstanding packaging design.

For retail companies, they need to ensure that their brand is carried across all marketing collaterals, even with the packaging. The design of a packaging would help retailers in their last attempt to lure the buyers. If your product’s packet looks great, your product will be turning heads in the supermarket and will pique the interest of the target audience. If you are thinking of redesigning your product packet, here are some tips from the top companies providing digital printing in Dubai:

  1. Consider usable packaging

Nowadays, consumers are looking for products and items that they can use in more ways than one. This is why multi-functional furniture is such a hit amongst buyers. They realize that they are getting value for their money by purchasing items that has multiple function. You can do the same with packaging. Create a design wherein the buyer or the user can use both the product and the packet. That way, you are increasing the chances of your product’s purchasing power.

  1. Keep the packaging simple

This goes in every design concept. One piece of advice that experienced designers can impart to new artists is to keep the design simple. Too many elements in the design can confuse the buyer and affect the brand. As much as you want to put all your creative inputs in one design, you need to consider the buyer and the target audience. Are they going to understand what the packet is saying?

  1. Make it convenient

One of the most the most common problems in packaging design is that the design is too big and extravagant, the designer failed to consider the convenience and functionality of the packet or packaging. The rule of thumb in designing product labels and packets is it should be buyer-friendly. The package should be easy to carry. If the packet will bring inconvenience to the user, they are likely to consider looking for alternatives, no matter how great your product is.

  1. Make variations

Customers are always looking for something new, but you can’t change your packaging design on a regular basis. The answer to this concern is to make several variations of the original packaging design, so you can use other concepts to replace the first packaging design.

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