Month: January 2018

The Perfect Side Business for Camera Owners

If you are looking for a lucrative job and you own a good camera, then you are in luck. With the wedding picture industry taking to the sky, there are great opportunities for people who want to start a wedding photography business in their free time. There are many success stories in this regard and there have been many people who started the business just as a side business but seeing the success with which they were able to snap the pictures they have now started this as their main business and have left their days jobs. So if you want to earn some extra money and you are the proud owner of a good camera and lens, this is the perfect business for you. Here are the basic tips to get you started.

Be confident

The best wedding photography is done with a certain amount of confidence, so you should be first of confident in your trade. You should be confident in asking the bride and the groom to pose for you, you should be able to show confidence when certain guests need to be moved around, and you should be able to ask people to move out of the way if you so desire. All of these things require confidence so you should first inculcate that.


The second thing that you require to snap perfect wedding pictures and start your business is connections. It is always better to start off with getting in touch with your friends and relatives. You should ask them to spread the word that you are in the business and you are going start this as your side job. This will be enough to get you your first projects, and as you get more and more projects you can expand this circle. Keep in mind that the best thing that drives the wedding photography business is the word of mouth, so make sure that your contacts are spreading the word for you.

Offer discounts to get the business going

The third important thing is the discount. This is a sure fire way to get your first dozen or so customers. All you have to do is to spread the word around that you have the required high-quality equipment and you are willing to take on the job of wedding photography for a fraction of the cost of the actual professionals. So if you offer even a 50% discount, you will still be making a profit because you are going to be working from your own home and you do not have any other employees to pay off.

Month: January 2018

Things To Know About Baby Photoshoots

Preserving early childhood memories is something we all look forward to. It is a moment that we all cherish for the rest of our lives. Not only do these memories provide us a healthy collection of the bygone era of our lives, they also become a source of happiness and satisfaction. Not to mention the nostalgia attached with them is simply priceless. You cannot put a price tag on these memories no matter how hard you try. The precious memories will serve you well all life. Naturally, you would want to save the memories of your baby too and would be willing to make it a priority of yours. If so, no one can blame you for that. However, there is a little problem that you and many other fresh photographers often overlook.

Taking pictures is not just about making your baby sit in front of the camera and pose for it. You may not be able to make your baby posing for the camera when he/ she are barely a year old anyway. Of course, you being not a professional baby photographer know little to nothing about it. Here is what you need to do instead. Go to the market or start searching online for expert 1 year old photoshoot photographers nearby. Don’t be surprised if you find them aplenty as Dubai has many of them located in almost all areas. Once you’ve found one, it is time to discuss things about the yet to occur photoshoot. Some other details you might also need to know so sharpen your mind and ask all you want. Here is more on what to do to take a memorable photoshoot for your baby:

Getting Started

Try as hard as you can but there is not much you can do to make your baby sit still. Also, you can surround the baby with pillows and cushions but no use. It is time to call in the expert and discuss details about the photoshoot. Your photographer will not only help provide you the best guidelines about how to keep the baby, what should be the background color etc. In short, you will get the idea courtesy your photographer. These guys truly understand the ins and outs of early childhood photoshoot so let them do the way they like to and you will see the results.

It is time to hire a Dubai newborn photographer and ask him to take the much needed photoshoot of your baby.

Month: January 2018

What Makes Dubai Home of Golf?

The iconic city of Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates, which is to be found in the Middle East region. The region is known for its extreme climatic conditions where day temperature may go up to 55 degrees Celsius. Despite having a not-so-sports-friendly climate, Dubai has emerged on the world golf map as one of the best destinations. The influx of people from the western countries has already created enough interest in the game at the local level. The rulers sensed the need just at the right time and started building golf courses which are second to none in the world. Despite the extreme sunny weather, Dubai is still the darling of the sport of golf because it seldom rains in the city, the only thing that interrupts the game. Click here to find out how to locate the best golf courses in Dubai.


The Dubai rulers started taking the game seriously in 1988 when the official efforts were kicked off to promote the sport at the local level. The Emirates Golf Club was built in 1988, which was the first all-grass championship golf course in the Middle Eastern region. With concerted efforts by the local government, the sport of golf continued to expand. In 1993, Dubai got its second golf club when the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club was kicked off. The second golf course in about five years put Dubai on the map as one of the lavish golfing destinations on the planet.


The sport continued to grow at a local scale for the next many years. It was not until 2005 when Golf in Dubai was set up to further expand the game into the region. In this regard, the world-class European Tour events, i.e. the Omega Dubai Desert Classic and the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters were launched. In a bid to promote the local talent, the Sheikh Maktoum Golf Foundation was founded in 2006. As part of the initiative, the MENA Golf Tour was rolled out in 2011, which currently hosts 11 events across five MENA region countries. The Tour has a handsome winning prize sun of 575,000 U.S. dollars


You can be a professional or an amateur golfer if you reside and work in Dubai. There are plenty of golf courses around the emirate which can cater to your passion for golf. See more to know more on the sport and its expansion in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East region.